Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Top Tips towards your Body Image Resolutions

January is the month for recommitting to ourselves!! We as women tend to do everything for everyone else and forget that we really need to take care of ourselves so that everyone else will be taken care of by a healthy, happy and joyful person. With that being said, it’s about this time of month we start slipping into the habit of beating ourselves up as we slip back into old habits of eating or “getting moving”. I just chatted with Brooke Parker, best selling author of Love Your Body, and asked her to give us 3 quick tips to improve our BODY IMAGE of OURSELVES!! Listen to this quick call with Brooke, she really speaks to my heart about her passion for helping women overcome their body image issues. Listen here…..

Brooke’s 3 Top Tips for Body Image Resolutions for 2011:

1- Accentuate the positive
2- Forget the numbers
3- Tap into Gratitude

To get all the details of what these tips mean and how they can really CHANGE your life, listen to our call. You can also visit Brooke’s wonderful website for some great recipes and other advice from Brooke. I would recommend reading the Book Club Reading questions and ordering her book to set up your own group. We all have some sort of hang up about the way we look but is that REAL or is that what society is telling us we are supposed to do??? Let’s get a healthy perspective on what it really means to be a WOMAN.

Recommit to take some time for yourself and really LOVE yourself.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts about our conversation. I hope you get as much out of our short little conversation as I did.

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