Monday, January 10, 2011

Did One Of Your New Year Resolutions Include Losing Weight?

It’s the 2nd week of the New Year! So how are you doing on your resolutions?? If you are like 99% of other humans on this planet one of your goals will have included something about your weight/exercise/eating healthier or some combination of the three. How are you doing so far? I just spent an hour speaking to founder of Get Up and Get Moving, Jill Knapp. Jill has a list of credentials a mile long and her passion for educating others how to eat right and get moving is why I wanted to talk to her at this specific time of year. Jill’s passion has found her coaching former beauty contestants on the Dr. Oz show. What a perfect person to give us 5 tips for a healthy life style change in 2011.

A positive look at eating and getting more active is the beginning of succeeding this year with this perpetual goal. Sometimes the word exercise and diet are all too scary and we’re not able to incorporate them into our life right away because of the unconscious feelings we have about those 2 words but with the baby steps that Jill suggests we can all make a change into a HEALTHY LIFE STYLE. Click here to listen to our conversation and tell us what you think, we love to hear your thoughts....

Jill’s tips:

(Goals overall, need to be written down and placed where you can see them!)

1. Changing what we eat. With the holidays behind us we can rid of the junk food and bring in the healthy food.

2. Making time to exercise. Even if it's only 15 min a day. Just to get moving. Park further out. Take the stairs. Play a moving game with the kids…..listen to our call for Jill’s fun suggestion here!

3. Logging your food. Logging it makes us see what we are putting in our bodies so it holds us accountable. It is an easy tool and will help you stick to a plan. It will make you aware of where you need to improve your discipline with food.

4. Eating 6 small meals a day. Listen to our conversation to find out the good thing about eating smaller meals, more often, rather than 3 big meals. There are huge benefits.

5. Dealing with emotional eating. Depression and eating. I have had to deal with this since I was young and still do. I lost my father in-law suddenly on Oct 12 to an aortic aneurysm. It's been a real tough few months and I found myself even turning to food to feed the pain. I am now back to the basics. Journal my feelings instead of feeding them and am doing much better. We go into just a bit about how there usually is a reason why we over-eat, an emotional connection or something we are not facing.

Don’t forget to add gratitude and prayer into your healthy lifestyle! (Listen to our call for the best way to integrate these KEY ingredients for success this year!!)

Visit Jill’s specific blog about resolutions HERE.

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